Church Planting Essentials – Kurs im März (englisch, ggf deutsch)

DCPI CPE 22-23 03 2023

Lessons From Those Who Have Been There

DCPI has two convictions about the Church Planting Essentials training:

1st Conviction –  The 12 Biblical Principles Of Church Planting are essential for the development and birth of a healthy new church. Every session in the training will support and apply one or more of the Biblical principles.

2nd Conviction – Knowledge without wisdom is insufficient and learning without application is incomplete. Therefore, in order to receive the best out of the Church Planting Essentials training each participant is required to prepare Vision-Plan-Timeline (VPT). The VPT is designed to help you begin applying what you are learning in the training and to move you further along in the vision and planting of new churches.

Church Planting Essentials’ interactive and comprehensive instruction is designed to enable prospective planters to avoid church planting “land mines”, plan prayerfully, as well as discern and pursue their vision effectively.

22.-24. März 2023
09:00-17:00 Uhr
Nähe Anhalter Bahnhof
Registrierung hier

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