Forums through Gemeinsam für Berlin

In our Forums, Christians from across denominations and cultures with the same concerns in Berlin, are connected with one another. Whether that be in areas of helping convicts or working with youth, we promote city-related involvement and new initiatives.

Participants within our Forums organize everything independently. Some Forums have been around for over 15 years – meeting regularly and organizing events, among other things. Other Forums are completely new or in the process of being started.

Regardless of how long the Forum has been around, new comers are always welcome. We’re excited to get to connect with those who are interested in networking on a topic-oriented basis, in order to make a difference in the city.

If you happen to have an exciting idea of how to change hearts and circumstances in Berlin, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to support you in rolling out something new!

Forum Micah

Have you ever wondered how you, as a Christian, can work towards a more just world? Are you concerned about climate change, modern day slavery,…

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Prayer Forum

The PRAYER FORUM meets regularly on the second Monday of each Month. Otherleaders from prayer groups or initiatives in Berlin are welcome to join. To…

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