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Have you ever wondered how you, as a Christian, can work towards a more just world? Are you concerned about climate change, modern day slavery, or socio-political questions? Do you want to swap ideas about these topics with others, become creative and help shape the world?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We as a Micah-Local Group Berlin are a group of Christians who understand justice and the preservation of creation as part of a holistic gospel. We want to encourage Christians to view a commitment to creation as well as justice as part of their discipleship of Jesus. To this end, we educate church congregations and support existing initiatives.

We also meet every one to two months on a Saturday. This gathering is what we call Micah Day and it’s then that we not only work on such topics and projects together, but also have time to converse, have food, share in laughter, and go on excursions. Through Corona we have become more and more digital and have been connecting both online and in hybrid formats.

Currently, we are interested in leading the Just People Course for church groups. Under this program there’s a course book for small groups to look at justice issues theologically, personally, and on a societal level, to pray for them and figure out what steps you can take either as an individual or a congregation. There are engaging texts, multimedia materials, word art, liturgies, reflection questions, and challenges to experience together as a group. Interested in running a Just People Course in your own small group? We’d love to come and support you with the first two sessions (given that we have enough capacity), both digitally and on site. Just drop us a line at

Feel like dropping by to visit us in the Micah Local Group? Feel free to come to our next Micah Day! The dates can be found on the website, or you can look us up on Instagram. If you would like to receive news about one to two times a month about current events, please send us an email at

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