Citizens’ Platform

Through the Citizens’ Platforms, many people work together for the good of their district. Together with 19 other groups (associations, various churches and mosques) we are part of the Citizens’ Platform Neukölln. Together we tackle grievances and develop realistic solutions.

WIN- Wir in Neukölln

WIN was founded in 2012 after a two-year development phase. It currently is comprised of 19 groups (no individuals) – German, Turkish, Arabic, Asian, African, churches, mosques, associations. We take time to get to know one another to break down prejudices and develop trust.

What separates us, what holds us together?

Many people regardless of their origin have concerns about current social developments.
What’s in store for us? Are there interests that split us apart, creating fear and unrest in Berlin, Germany, or Europe? Who may be trying to take advantage of this?

The diversity of the Civic Platform’s participating groups and history of cooperation in recent years makes it possible to model what this looks like in our context. Solidarity and cohesion need to be lived out practically, in our lives, in our neighborhoods. And that is what we do!

Who (still) believes that politics can do everything alone? It needs a strong and organized civil society both as a counterpart and a partner. That’s what we have to offer!

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