Church Planting

The Forum for Church Planting is committed to creating a movement of new churches in the greater Berlin area. We desire to see new churches from different cultures, denominations, and models – come about in all neighborhoods of Berlin and in surrounding cities.

To see this become a reality, we

– consult and support churches that want to multiply leaders and groups and in turn daughter churches or new locations;

– support mentors and coaches, to support them in accompanying leadership and church-planting teams;

– invest in young leaders and potential planters through mentoring groups or church
planting internships; and

– network, train, and accompany planters and their teams, so that they can be well equipped and continually encouraged throughout their planting process.

Connected to the National Church Planting Process, we promote church planting within the German capital region.

Here are some of our offered programs:

Monthly Church Planter´s Lunch 

May 17 (to sign up, please write Timo or register at this link)

DCPI Training for Planters, Mentors and Mother Churches

Churches Planting Churches – June 29-July 1, 2023 (infos here)

Church Planting Essentials – November 23-25, 2023 (In German, Translation available upon request – Registration here).

NewThing Movement System:

2-year process for church leaders, who want to learn to multiply disciples, leaders and churches. Participation only in individual moduls is possible.


March 08-09 Reproducing Disciples Catalyst (register here):

October 13-14 Reproducing Leaders Catalyst (register here):

The Church Planting Forum includes:

Timo Heimlich, Leadership (GfB, Kirchehoch3)
Maria Boschker, Initiative Team (Exponential)
Dirk Farr,
Initiative Team (JKB, Liebenzeller Mission)
Nicole DeBruyn, Initiative Team (ReachGlobal)

We’re looking for additional, regular contributors in the following areas:

Initiative Team, Event Planning, Mentoring, Training, Administration, and Intercultural
Church Planting


Interested in being part of the Forum or learning more? We look forward to hearing from you! You can also join our Church Planting Network Facebook group.

Here you can subscribe to our (German for now) newsletter.

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